The World's Foxiest Cross-Chain Meme Token

Join the #FoxyFrens as Kyuubi conquers blockchains and evolves our metaverse community with each tail.
Utility Truely Driven By Community.

NFT REVEAL 6/7/2022

BSC: 0x0e57f92ca47863dc201f1a9323ce2f4a3da75b17
ETH: 0xEE3D92710d912450FBF066D6f55a57Ae0F81129d

Join The Kyuumunity

What's Kyuubi Token?

A Global Revolution Has Formed, Now Making Noise... Kyuubi is derived from ancient Eastern Asian mythology, and symbolizes attributes of agility, adaptability, and the ability to grow wise.

Unique Contract

A 3-layer protocol working in unison to provide adaptability in perpetuity.


Audited by Certik and KYC'd to provide maximum trust.


Our team has over 15 members working full-time with creative hearts and minds.


With the resources to provide growth through each phase, our future development is agile and flexible.

Tradeable on BothEthereum & Binance

Kyuubi will explore the blockchain, and call many chains home! With presence across various communities, Kyuubi is engineered to be the largest cross-chain community-driven utility meme token.


Roadmap - Each Stage, Kyuubi Grows A Tail.


Stage 1: Ichibi

The Very First Phase Of Kyuubi's Journey, A Blossom Arises.


Stage 2: Nibi

The Sakura Are Blooming, The Air is Thick & Sweet.


Stage 3: Sanbi

Spring has Arrived. Fall is Nearer Than It Appears.

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What's Next?

The Kyuubi roadmap outlines 3 distinct phases of development. Kyuubi will contain a total of 9, here's what's next on the docket for June.

Reveal Of FoxyFrens NFTs
NFT Marketing and Community Development Across Discord and Twitter
CEX/DEX Listings, Partnerships, Social Marketing

What Does The Fox Say?

The KyuubiClan is Everywhere! Our Mission is Powered By You!


"Aped a 💰 in $KYUB chart looks quite hyped so pleaas wait for your entry , but can be a potential 10x"

Via Twitter

"I came across this crypto token, Kyuubi, it's a crypto project that seems a bit different from others as it provides value for cost with diverse marketing initiatives as the team plans to create a vast presence across social media..."

Via Reddit

"We're about to see a new HUGE uprising MEMECOIN which is name Kyuubi.

I know the team, they know what they're doing and i'm BULLISH on them. This here is not an AD, seriously being me. Marketing has not even begun.

Dont sleep on it."

Via Twitter

"#KYUUBI is exploding 🚀 while the rest of the market is dumping!
Still purely organic word of mouth community !🦊👪🦊
When the mainstream marketing hits $KYUB, is gonna go parabolic."

Via Twitter

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